Moscow Santa Claus has fulfilled one more dream!
Московский Дед Мороз исполнил ещё одну мечту!

Museum "In Silence" invited a group of hearing impaired children to take part in the exciting quest "Artifact"!

As part of the social action "Kind letter to Santa Claus", a boy, whose mother is hard of hearing, turned to the winter wizard with an unusual request: to call her together with the pupils to the amazing museum "In Silence".

Grandfather Frost answered the letter of the little guest, and after a few days the guys, who perceive reality through tactility and sign language, came to the entertainment program in full force! True, in order to solve the difficult tasks of the quest, they had to use all their dexterity and ingenuity. But the guys, despite their young age, coped well with all the tests and escaped from the "magic rooms"!

In the lobby, Grandfather Frost himself was already waiting for them, who could not meet the guys without gifts! They were able to take a picture, embrace a welcoming Wizard in a painted sheepskin coat, look into his eyes and hear kind, sincere wishes.

At such moments, you understand that a happy smile coming from the heart is priceless.

Photo report of the trip here .