Heroes of the Homestead in winter
The manor is a magical place.
Here, really, really dreams come true!
In children and even adults!
Видео о московской усадьбе деда мороза
Video about the Moscow estate of Santa Claus
Master classes

Do you want to show your talents in handicraft and take with you a unique souvenir made by your own hands as a keepsake of the Estate? Come to the master class pavilion! Here, friendly craftsmen teach guests how to make Christmas balls, paint gingerbread and many other truly New Year's activities. Joint creativity unites - and gives joy to children and their parents!

Souvenir shop
Terem Meetings
Terem of Creativity
Largest mailbox
Amusement rides

What is a children's party without fun entertainment? They are everywhere in the Moscow Estate! But there are especially many of them in the Amusement Park, which is not far from Emerald Square. Here, young guests can ride on a chain and antique carousels, as well as take a mini-journey on a clockwork train and ride a flying dragon.


Emerald Square is the very center of the Moscow Estate. Here, next to a tall, elegantly beautiful Christmas tree, traditional festivities are held, merry round dances are held, interactive theatrical performances, spectacular light shows, thematic performances and, of course, performances by children and musical groups take place. On the Emerald Square itself, outdoor games, quests and children's discos await children.

Terem of the Snow Maiden

The cheerful and restless granddaughter of the famous sorcerer lives here. In her light room, she meets with guests, talks with children with pleasure, tells fairy tales, gives out instructions to helpers-snowmen.

As a caring hostess, she carefully preserves the New Year traditions of the Estate. And he is in charge of Christmas decorations, and is responsible for the chest of magic. Outdoor games, round dances and festive festivities are also part of her.

No one knows better than the Snow Maiden how to arrange New Year's holidays! All the fun that takes place within the fairy forest is the work of a busy and tireless snow girl.

Terem of Father Frost

Here, in his Freezer Office, a kind and hospitable wizard receives guests and answers numerous letters from the children. The Snow Council also gathers here, where the Snow Maiden and the snowmen-mailers help Grandpa to solve important issues.

Terem is full of wonders that every visitor to the Estate can see with his own eyes during excursions. For example, guests visit the Gift Lounge, where the most important event takes place - packing and sorting New Year's gifts. Santa Claus and his fabulous assistants collect them using a huge conveyor. It is from here that the Snow Wizard takes and delivers the long-awaited holiday gifts around the world.

Also, during excursions, children and their parents can see real running boots. And even - to visit the bedroom of Santa Claus! Yes, the wizards also rest, and their dream is magical, miraculous! Here you can find out why Grandfather has as many as seven pillows, what magical properties are endowed with interior items and what secrets are hidden under his bedspread.

109472, Moscow, Kuzminsky forest, Volgogradskiy prospect, ow. 168d.
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