Press service

What does the application consist of?

  • All applications are written in the name of the acting. Director of the GAUK Moscow State Museum-Reserve "Kuzminki-Lyublino" Yurmanova Svetlana Alekseevna on the official letterhead of your organization with the signature of the head and the seal.
  • Applications are accepted by email

What do we indicate in the application?

  • media name
  • name and description of the program
  • shooting locations
  • date and time of filming
  • the composition of the film crew (full names of all participants)
  • contact phone number of the correspondent or producer, with whom the press service can contact if necessary
  • list of shooting equipment

What about transport?

  • Travel by car to the territory of the museum-reserve is carried out only by special. passes. To obtain a pass, you must submit an application 2 days before the planned arrival.