Hello Father Frost!
Dear friends!

Have you been waiting for a whole year to meet with Grandfather Frost and dream that he would personally congratulate you on the upcoming holiday? In this case, the individual program is exactly what you were looking for!

The program is held in the Terem of Santa Claus and is an individual meeting of a child with Santa Claus. Children will be able to tell the Wizard about their dreams and secrets, boast of achievements, recite a poem, receive a gift from the hands of the Winter Wizard, and take a picture for memory.

The program includes a New Year's gift from the Moscow Estate of Father Frost: "A Magic Gift".

20 minutes
Number of participants in a group:
up to 3 people with one ticket (1 child + 2 adults)
20, 21 Nov 2021
Child + 2 accompanying adults
2000 RUB
Extra ticket
1000 RUB

01-24, 27-31 Dec 2021
Child + 2 accompanying adults
3000 RUB
Extra ticket
1500 RUB

25, 26 Dec 2021
01-09 Jan 2022
Child + 2 accompanying adults
5000 RUB
Extra ticket
2500 RUB

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